Confessions of a Wallflower

Stuff that I would never dare to voice outloud.

Yeah, I ate too many skittles.
I'm a terrible person.
Grading period ends tomorrow, and my prezi for geography isn't even close to being completed right now.
I blame the internet.
Particular you, LJ, and Tumblr, another addictive site that I'm trying out. 
And, to make things worse, I'm not going to be able to taste anything for a while.  I just ate half of a giant bag of Skittles.  Curse you, Mr. Algebra Teacher, for selling us the leftover candy from the fundraiser for a dollar each.
My mom thinks I'm goint to get diabetes from all the sugar.
But not from that Nutella stuff. That stuff's nasty.
Someone really needs to take those skittles away from me.  I actually want to stop eating it now.  Bleh.

Writer's Block: Meow vs. Arf
For a long time, I was a serious cat person.  I've had a little tortoishell cat named Bitsy since I was five, and I think she's the greatest cat on the planet.  Plus, she's not hard to take care of at all.  When she found us eleven years ago, she somehow knew not to "go" on the carpet in our house, if you know what I mean.  Instead, she would harass us to let her outside.  During the winter months, she's a litter box free house cat that lets us know when she wants outside.  In the summer months, she still comes inside quite a bit, but she's outside a heck of a lot more.  Not only that, but she is smart enough to not get herself killed or injured, so vet bills are rare.  She's always giving herself baths, so even though you'd expect a technically outdoor cat to be dirty, her coat is cleaner than most other cat's coats.   The best part about having her as a pet is (and we've asked my super clean grandmother and a few other clean freaks just to make sure) our house doesn't have that awful trademark "cat smell"!  She's an awesome kitty, very low maintenance.  So, yeah, when I walk into a house that has three dogs living in it, I'm grossed out because of the smell, and because I don't know just how much dog slobber could be in that tomato sauce I'm being served. 
But, shockingly, I'm starting to actually really want a dog now, so I can take him on walks and teach him new tricks.  I'm aware it would be a lot more maintenance than my cat, but I'm willing to try new things.  I've heard dogs are so much more compassionate than cats.  But, the problem is, I know next to nothing about dogs.  Having taken care of the world's most low maintenance cat for eleven years, taking on a dog seems kind of daunting.  My mom is a bit obsessed with having the house clean, so what if my new puppy doesn't want to be potty trained and li

I write like
William Gibson

I Write Like by Mémoires, journal software. Analyze your writing!

William Gibson.  No clue who that is.  Guess I'll have to find out now :P


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