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Yeah, I ate too many skittles.
I'm a terrible person.
Grading period ends tomorrow, and my prezi for geography isn't even close to being completed right now.
I blame the internet.
Particular you, LJ, and Tumblr, another addictive site that I'm trying out. 
And, to make things worse, I'm not going to be able to taste anything for a while.  I just ate half of a giant bag of Skittles.  Curse you, Mr. Algebra Teacher, for selling us the leftover candy from the fundraiser for a dollar each.
My mom thinks I'm goint to get diabetes from all the sugar.
But not from that Nutella stuff. That stuff's nasty.
Someone really needs to take those skittles away from me.  I actually want to stop eating it now.  Bleh.


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